In August…

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Welcome to August! The later end of August and into September has always been my favorite time of the year. I love the late days of summer, the anticipation as things slowly change and we head into fall. I was looking at the energy and astrology of this August and compared to some of the months we’ve had recently, the energy felt very integrative. The end of August days always have a strong feeling of senses to me. I feel like they’re great days for getting lost on a hike or walk. It’s probably something in grained from being younger and closing out summer to return to school, but there’s something about this time that has the energy of integrating your experiences. We’ve had a lot to integrate over the past year and a half, so I feel that energy strongly. I’ve always felt those later days of summer are about spending your time how you feel it needs to be spent, listening to your senses, forgetting time. I rarely share a poem that I just wrote, but this is a poem I was writing about the energy I was feeling ‘now,’ or an over-exaggeration of how I would like the energy to be. I’m always an introspective person, a little bit lost, one foot here and one foot in my imagination. I feel like that’s why this time of year feels so good to me. I hope it feels wonderful to you too!


In August-
We are in rest bootcamp. Go,
Gather the natural eucalyptus,
Hang into the shower. It is
Time for divine timing & divine designing.
We have stopped investing in realities
We know we’re just not feeling.
Limitations are now toys- OFF LIMITS!
We’re s t r e c h I n g
Into our multidimensionality. We follow
Our feeling states like crossing guards,
Trusting them with our safety. What
We thought we wanted, is a reflection
Of what needs to be integrated. So…
Spend the day in the garden. The flowers are
Singing vibrations your soul wants
To harmonize with.
Go down into the cellar or up to the attic,
Throw out all that does not make you at peace:
Jars of seduction, canned lost relationships,
Seeds of ego that have sprouted nothing
But guilt over having sat in a jar
Producing nothing but negative feelings,
Notice to all who want to enter where I abide:
Dear Everyone,
I’m focused on my inner residence this month.
So, I might smell doubt inside me
When you send out an inv
And the response will be ‘not today.’
I might alchemize a need to disappear,
so I’m out in the world mining for joy
If you can only find gold dust where you
expected to find me.

In August,
The rules have been set on fire & burned.
Rules don’t generate new energy, they just recycle
Old stuff. I deserve new.
This August,
We are not ghosting ourselves!
If we’re in a forest and it feels wonderful,
We shall sit and remain. Allowing all
The sensations that leave us, no doubt,
Of their wonder, to burrow inside us.
We shall be habitat to them until they
Co-habitate a sense of inner-doubt within.
Our phones, our watches. Gone!
We have wonderful internal mechanisms within,
We should not doubt and will rely on
To direct us and tells us when to stay or leave.
We will go when we’ve integrated all we need.
We are showing up for ourselves this month
And creating little universes that never flinch
With doubt or uncertainty. This August,
If you do not want to go to the beach,
There will not be sand in your shoes.
We will be savoring the simmering emotions
Within that leave no doubt, ‘we will taste!”
In August,
If I’ve ever doubted your love to be
Anything but unconditional. If I’ve ever asked,
Would they stop loving me if………………?
The if……….’s
Will be the blessed breeze I send you away on
Instinctively like a sneeze, I can no longer allow
You not to be released. In August,
There is no ‘just getting by.’
You are your own universe.
It’s time to own it. In August…

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