After Party

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After Party

It was raining as I walked down the steps.
The drumming of rain on the leaves, says everything.
Soft, but rhythmic and sad, ready to accompaniment
A lone piano and broken hearted singer, whose voice
Is powerful, fragile, the way we all are
When we’re almost out of something. Almost.
I could lie and say I don’t need you tell me a reason
For me to smile. I could lie and say the rainy night
Wasn’t the perfect figment of the environment
Floating through my imagination when I pictured leaving.
I could lie, stay and pretend I learned nothing
From every relationship I thought I could not afford to
Lose. I’ve lived through too many autumns
Where nobody died, yet the ghosts lived.
I’ve learned coming home,
On a rainy night is better than living a life
Where you spend all day staring out the window
Just waiting for the cab that never comes to save you.

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