The Great Conjunction!

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Happy Solstice! We’ve reached the shortest amount of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere/longest in the Southern Hemisphere, which is exciting in it’s own right! From here out, in the Northern Hemisphere, the Ivy King wins the battle and days become longer and longer until we reach the Summer Solstice. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Holly King wins and days grow longer and longer until that same day in July. This year we have something amazing happening! Every twenty years the planets Jupiter and Saturn unite together in the sky to form a ‘new cycle,’ or ‘new beginning.’ Conjunctions in Astrology occur when two planets line up exactly. This blends their energies together and causes their vibrations together. Jupiter and Saturn are the ‘two biggest planets,’ in our solar system. Jupiter, is known to be the more generous leader, who is associated with optimism, healing, wealth, growth, miracles, and having a good time, etc. Saturn is more of the task master. Saturn is more authoritative, associated with karma, responsibility, resets, and limit setting. The last time these two planets orbited this closely and were visible in the sky was 1226. If you’ve been following the event, it’s been an amazing thing to witness these two planets inch slowly closer and closer together in the sky. Astrologically, there is another great significance to this event. The Solstice is about starting new, setting intentions, with these two planets being conjunct, it signifies a period of a ‘social and personal reset.’ It’s very important to put out into the cosmos what you want. Be careful with your words as the cosmos are very concrete so saying things like, “I don’t want “blank,’ to happen…’ is not great. State directly what you want to happen. “I want to be healthy and viable.’ It’s a period to listen to your inner-self and follow your own curiosity. Asking yourself things like, “What do I want to learn?” You don’t have to know the answer or have a picture of what that thing looks like directly, you just need to follow it. It could lead you in a completely new direction. We have been on a journey this year. Today the plane takes off. This brings me to the second reason this conjunction is astrologically significant. When these two planets have been meeting for the past two hundred years or so, they’ve met in earth signs in the Zodiac (give or take). Today, we take off, as these two planets are now entering a new era, for roughly about the same amount of time, they will only meet in air signs, this is known as ‘the great mutation.’ The two planets start their journey of meeting in ‘air signs,’ in the sign of Aquarius, which both planets have just entered. We literally are transitioning from a time of ‘earth’ to ‘air.’ Aquarius is an air sign, which is known to be intellectual, communicative, and idealistic. Aquarius is also the sign of innovation, humanitarianism, and independence. The planets have not met since 1405 — right around the start of the Renaissance. We are moving from stable, earth energy to inventive air energy. It’s as if we’ve been on a runway in 2020 and today our plane is taking off. Individuals may feel excited, have some nervous energy. This is normal. You might even find you’re a bit more emotional today. With Saturn and Jupiter being so close, they bring their moons, which brings a lot of moon energy. This could bring a lot of emotion. This is an exciting time. The meeting of these two planets, every twenty years, brings in new cycles. The fact that we’re also ushering in the mutation from stable earth energy to innovative air energy will bring about growth, change, innovation on both macro and micro levels. The element of air is associated with the ‘mind and communication,’ so expect changes and innovation here. Aquarius is about social structures and can be rebellious and/or conservative in nature. It is about recognizing we are part of a collective and defining our own individual roles in those social structures. This is an exciting moment. It has not and will not occur in our lifetime(s). 2020 has been an unprecedented year astrologically and for all of us. We are living through history that will be documented for years to come. Astronomically and astrologically this is an event that is sort of the cherry on top of it all. As we the plane takes off, and we move from earth to air, take a moment and close your eyes and think about how you want the future to look. The future of the planet, the future of your own life. This is a day, a week, for wishing and being curious about things that interest you, things you’ve maybe always wanted to learn. The universe is listening so be precise and make your intention as clear as you can. I decided about a year ago to save all my newest pieces from a collection of poems I’ve been writing for almost two to three years until this date. I wanted to let these pieces take off in a new era. I’m excited to debut one of them today. I believe, as history has shown, after previous Aquarian meetings of these two super planets, that art will definitely experience a renaissance. We will begin to learn and view art in new ways. We have seen some of this already with guided online tours of art museums and online plays and concerts. I believe we will see it much more. It was very hard to choose a piece to share today. I chose a piece called ‘The Moon,’ because of all the moon energy abounding; however, it does not fully display the different lengths, tone, etc. that these new pieces fully take on. They are different. The collection started right after I moved back into the downtown of my city from a more rural area where I wrote the last collection. It changed as the world changed, as the pandemic hit, as I had time to reflect on sometimes very simple things like ‘the moon,’ ‘bells ringing,’ etc. It definitely reflects examining things that I never noticed or thought about. I share this poem at the beginning of a new era. As we take off into the air energy, close your eyes, grab your seat mate’s hand if you need to (this is exciting), and take a minute to think about how you want your world to look, our world to look. This time is for dreaming, envisioning, and letting the cosmos assist you in manifesting a new beginning. Oh, and definitely go outside and witness the magic of the conjunction/mutation. It’s a once and a lifetime opportunity!

The Moon

Have you witnessed
Such a spectacle
In your life
More magical

Than the way the moon
At the close of day
So casually
Comes to the horizon

So ready for second and third shift,
Changing tidewaters, illuminating moors,
And recedes-
Only to slide out from it’s daytime slumber,

To take over for the cooling, tired sun,
Each evening,
On the other side of the world,
Lily white

Beaming down on red kimonos,
Say, one evening in the Far East,
and woodland nocturnal creatures in the same breath-
and have you ever felt anything

So wise and romantic-
Do you think there is a language,
A word that captures
The essence of what it does for love

It has not warm light
As the sun,
But it reaches out,
And walks you home

As you reach your doorstep-
Or have you too
turned away from help in this world-

Or have you too
Blocked evening’s light
Too heartbroken
To want to see the emotions,
The moon begs you to see?

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