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There are many holidays celebrated throughout this time of year, with many traditions and customs. This year has not been easy for many individuals and this last week, in particular, in therapy sessions each conversation was touched with a bit of ‘sadness.’ Throughout this year, I’ve tried very hard to find small cracks of light in ‘dark times.’ One of those ‘cracks of life,’ (probably the biggest) is gratitude for the relationships I have in my life. I live alone, so I’ve spent most of my year alone. Working from home, my relationship with my patients has been something I am extremely grateful for. Whether they know it or not, hearing their voices or seeing them virtually has been a light. I’ve tried my best to provide them with light and comfort. I hope I gave them some. My family is always a light. My friends have been a huge light for me. My phone conversations with them and Zoom calls have been highlights of my year. As we’ve lived through this historical year (which in itself is sort of amazing), that we were all chosen to live through this historical time, is something to be proud of, the one thing that truly sticks out for most people is how much we need people. How much we miss our loved ones. How much we just want to touch those we care about. How all the rituals for holidays and such, are just ‘rituals’ and ‘stuff,’ without the people who bring them to life with their presence, love, and energy. If 2020 had a lesson, for me, it’s that it’s never forget or appreciate ‘people.’ We are one big human tribe, and we need each other. Our world become much smaller when we have no one to share it with. The poem I’m sharing today is part of a book of poems that is a narrative book of poems that really tells the story of two friends. I often say we choose our friends because of ‘what their good at,’ and we also choose our friends because often, ‘we love what makes them imperfect.’ Often, our imperfections can make us bond with others just as much as what we’re good at. It’s what makes relationships so unique. I share it with you today. It’s maybe not the best written poem, but it speaks to the gratitude I have for all the people in my life, including people who read or stumble on this site. I also have gratitude for you for giving me the chance to express myself and try to put some creativity out into the world. Thank you!


Love was at the lips
on every street, every bazaar.
Sometimes malnourished, misshapen,
and baked with disease, even misshapen
things can give withered live’s a heartbeat.

There we were, at parties, dancing to music,
in city squares where young lovers
whispered laughter giving it out
like flowers you might give to your daughter.

Rain faded in & out. We went
through the markets, picking up
lovely handcrafted objects that hold
eternal languages, that still have a greens to them,
where birds sit and sing until you could truly believe
spring might be in the air.

Then there was the day we saw
a young man breaking glass, crying
over a piece of art he worked hard on,
beautifully flawed. We paused in that moment,
reminded, we were, living in the same moment,
different weather.

It was heartbreaking to witness. That night,
was the first night of our travels that brought
a frost to the land. The next morning,
we continued moving through markets, purchasing
fresh fruits and handcrafted objects, moving
through a generous wind, sweet with peace.

We were slower than before,
with more hesitation as we handled
the hand crafted ornaments. It was clear,
holding each piece of handcrafted art,
we wondered how many tears were shed,
how many pieces of the hearts expanse shattered
in order for us to hold this one perfect, precise piece of beauty.

That evening, we unwrapped our packages
from the day. Each of our ornaments
had a tiny crack in it. We laughed
as we stared down at our flawed purchases.
They’re us, you smiled.

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