Hanging On

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
The Cherry
I wish you struggled a bit more in my web.
I wish you didn't resent being my pet.
I wish you noticed what I bring back
When I go out for walks in the evening.
I wish you'd smell it when I brought nature into the house
And let me tend to your flowerbeds.
A little summer moonlight, the brush of wheat against your thighs,
The plum ready with sweetness,
I wished you felt me like the murmurs of the earth.
I wish you sat in my darkness,
like a young girl does barefoot on the first summer night.
I wish you wanted my body,
The way I want your heart.
I wish you were excited as a feral cat
at the expanse of my night neighborhood.
I listen to your body like a blossoming tree.
I take the risk of falling from your branch,
A bloodied cherry.
The risk is beloved.
I wish you would see this as an act of a brave young man,
Who only wants to hang on to you.

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