It’s Been A While Since a Love Poem

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It’s Been A While Since a Love Poem

It’s been a while since a love poem.
Venus, I know you’ve got your hands full with Pluto.
Jesus, I’m waiting to hear the cock crow.
Deities at large, it’s time to acknowledge
It’s been a while since a love poem.

Enough silence at two AM. I have heard
And definitely know the sound my heart makes,
What makes it startle and what makes it quake.
I give permission for you to throw me
a little earthquake, in the name of love.

I should be clear. I want the hope of joy
To raise me from the dead. A lover that
Comes likes Jesus’ hands to Lazerus’ bed.
I am healthy and vital and ready
to be resurrected or just erect in love again.

A perfunctory caress every so often, equals passionless,
I don’t care to be touched by leafless, whittled branches.
I want to be stared back at, with a longing for more,
With eyes stained the color of the long extinct birds
Of love.

I don’t want a standard bird in the cage
Or the standard issued cat to be fed.
I want terra cotta plants, an exotic fern,
Orchids of rare, longing to be watered,
And fed by my love poems.

The sun rises and I want more than I ever planned.
The sun goes down and that feeling decides
To stay awake with the moon. I want a you
That wants a me. I can no longer pretend to be a lamp.
I need to get some light and insight to create a true love poem.

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