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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I was looking for a nice spring poem with some green in it to post today, but I came across this little poem. I don’t know why, but it was quiet and reminded me of being inside a small chapel. It just felt like it wanted to be shared today. I wishI could give more insight on it, but it is what it is. Enjoy your day!


Since the first time my body discovered it can float on water,
I’ve craved a weightless feeling in all I do.
Since my eyes first skipped class and followed you back to your room,
I’ve had this strange shadow moving inside me.
Since that afternoon where thousands of people rushed headfirst into their lives,
I rushed headfirst into you like headlights to a deer on a country night road.
I have spent much time with different types of loneliness.
Since you put your ear on that lime green T-shirt to feel the pad of my chest,
music made stories of me whispered through my ears forevermore.
Since the first prayer whispered from lips,
longing is padded in the stillness of rooms.
Since the first time my hands were left to find their way around a darkened room,
memory of beautiful things blossomed.
Since then, I always know where to find you.
Since, I first grasped & found open air
I learned to hold on to hope knowing you are something to lose.
Since the first sea splash brought by the wind to my face,
I realized it takes so little to be awakened by you.
Since that day you watched me walk home from your bedroom window,
you’ve known I was made to disappear.
Since the first goodbye,
I learned the want of get back soon.
Since I tried to follow anyone’s lead,
I knew I would always be lost.
Since I’ve spent my life looking for places that might be home,
your presence is the only thing that makes my voice honest.
Doors have slammed behind me and eyes knew not where to find me,
no matter how long the distance or silence between us. You’ve always known
how to find me in the middle of crowded room. Eyes wide,
searching for something that resembles you.

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