I Simply Fell..

Photo by Henry & Co. on Pexels.com

I Simply Fell…

Once I had a dream I was falling from the sky
like the light the moon shines.
I fell on your body,
creating a moon shadow of you.
I followed you everywhere,
at moments you even found me beautiful, magical.
I was startled awake when I realized
how terribly awful it was.
I allowed myself to be loved
by someone who didn’t know my features,
who molded me into their shape,
who was the only one to talk in our relationship.
When I was the one made of all light,
you made me dark
and found that to be beautiful.
It takes someone extreme dark
to entomb light into a dark shape of yourself,
something that had no voice.
something that had no heartbeat,
something you could never touch,
and they called me a ‘shadow.’
It takes something much darker
to take love and light that befalls upon you
and shape it like yourself,
looking back it’s no wonder I had no voice,
no reflection, no features, no heartbeat.
I was just a spineless reflection
of the heartless individual whose identity
was just a shape, nothing filled in yet.
The worst part is I didn’t see it,
but to be fair, I had no eyes
to look into yours and see
how you saw me as nothing
but a figure to follow you around,
soaking up all my light
to make more of your empty self
who you never find full
until you allow light and love inside you,
instead of pushing it behind you.
You were a dream.
I let it become a nightmare,
by giving you all the light I had
and allowing you to dim it
simply to make yourself feel a bit bigger.

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