Whether Report

Photo by Julia Volk on Pexels.com

Whether Report

Whether Report

Somewhere between the horizons of order and sleep,
The near silence of a storm first washes the humidity
From the air. A stormy, cool breeze blows in from the point
Which forces rule. It’s familiarity feels like a a likeness
I know, a familiarity I have broken into hearts for.
A cooling, an ‘ahhhhhh,’ the way lava must feels
When it stops moving and settles into its perfect, eternal space.
There are places of time in our lives that sit like rock and sediment,
Where it’s wonderful to go excavate sometimes. This breeze
Makes me want to wash away in the waves. Sometimes
There are places in our mind we pray to change like weather.
I wish I could go back to loving things I did before I knew I did.
Places and moments where you are touched like a breeze like this
And your life stops and stands before you, a churning restless sea.
You can’t imagine feeling tomorrow’s weather and
You can’t imagine leaving this breeze. Nothing
Has altered your form and still you feel like
A traveling grain of wheat. Still, I feel stronger than
I have in months. Waves shatter on restless rocks
And vanish. In them, the resins of change.
The idea that there is no place that feet are made to stay.

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