Tell A Vision

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Tell A Vision

While we are here.
Tell me where you hold bodily space
for all the moments I locked away,
allowing the animals to run out of the gate.

Tell me about the times
when I evicted the tongues
from your perfect
mermaid throat.

When I whistled out of step,
shoes, so wrong, made me
further gone. It’s alright
to let me know how you’ve had to grow

because I needed
to drift
and ‘be sad again.”
Perfectly alone.

Bankrupt the emotions,
You needed
the loan.

Tell me
as small as I might be
About how it felt
when my thoughtless shoe stomped your dreams.

Stupid as a log,
I can
still offer place
for you to sit and rest your feet.

I promise
To be still
giving your emotions
the air they need to breathe.

While we’re here,
Let me, at least,
Bear witness to each moment.
I made you feel like something foreign

My world did not need.

Every show
I’ve ever been to
I ordered tickets
‘for us.’

Between the letters
In all the imaginary things,
Every word spoke
Or unspoken,

even inside my throat
where the silence
was housed
I felt you.

In sweet
or the disgusting

of swallowing,
I’m starving and sick
You stuck.

Please tell me everything
pink and blue.
the times you though you loved me,
the times it wasn’t true.

I hate nothing more
About me
than the fact I’ve made you think
“I thought he loved me too.”

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