Happy Earth Day

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com
Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com

We have holidays for everything it seems, but it seems like Earth Day should be more of one. It’d be a wonderful thing if we ever got to a point where we all took a day off and just went outside and celebrated, admired, did something to give back to this beautiful planet we live on and take for granted every so often. Today I invite everyone to just take a few minutes and go outside and give gratitude to our planet for all that it gives to us. There’s so much beauty and sensations to feel and to be grateful for. Take a moment and celebrate the beautiful planet we’ve been gifted, who brings so much joy to us all.


When does your oyster become your oyster,
to decide what you’re going to make of it?
When will the industrial, polluted skies feel offensive enough
for us to want flora and fauna and clean air gush’s for us?
I want to swim in clear water like we used to.
I’m wet and you stand so dry.
It’s exhausting loading your batteries to get you to fight for injustice.
Pushing your bolts and screws into place.
Writing my convictions on paper at the bottom of pools.
Do you feel the acid rain?
Do you see similarities between diamonds and avocados?
I’ll give you a hint, there’s corruption in the mining.

I want you to show me your childhood home under the freeway with broken doors.
Where you had to run from your drunk father.
Pushed dressers against your bedroom door.
Boxes of hand me downs faded and frayed.
Worn shoes with the souls worn out, you wore bravely
running to save yourself.

Freedom is a promise we both pray for.
We are even in motion when we’re standing still.
Caught up in the tectonics of your shaken world.
I tremble in your fracked landscape all the time.
Earthquakes where they should probably never be.
You’re a complete mess with your priorities kind of lost.
Still, I am stilled knowing an old world exists under a new one,
the way a power washer can uncover beauty that time might have hid.

I can still see underneath all those colors of paint, the beautiful hazel iris in your eyes.
The hurricane winds are getting stronger.
The wind tries to erase everything, even the future- just ask a climate denier.
Still, under covers, you blow me to heaven and roll my eyes back.
Dumping a nice adrenaline into my night.
The power still blows out, as we lay there with nothing
but a wordlessness in the suite of my body,
that feels like a freedom we can’t live without.
For what feels like all your indifference sometimes,
Those days where I wonder where you went.
In the motionless dark, I can feel every curve, muscle, eyelash, backbone
of the only soul I’ve ever truly felt in its full humanity.

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