Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square
Is my forty. Is bare.
Nothing to write. Just quiet.
Human to human contact
Gone bad. Meat left out.
Sickness. Spreads & Spreads & SPREADS
Until all that has spoiled us has spoiled.
Nervous laughs, hugs now just gave.
All the blahs and yucks,
Stick inside us like gum.
Misses the man that used to be.
The stranger he never smiled at.
The girl he never glanced back.
The hours that were tight with structure.
Unwound like a ball of yarn,
No cat would even go after.
Changing destinies every hour.
No time zones. Just zero hour.
Earth, made she sent Rona
Cause she needed a rest.
There are fish again in the dead Venitian canals,
Silenced. Paused. Human death
Is called by a doctor’s voice,
A tick of the clock.
How uneventful
After all that has been lived.
Cathedral Square is not so much as empty.
Too many prayers
No room for humans.

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