Solar Eclipse of 2020!

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Good Morning! Today we have the only total solar eclipse of 2020 occurring. It is the last eclipse of 2020, as I said the ‘only full solar eclipse.’ We get solar eclipses when the moon appears to pass in front the sun as viewed from Earth. When they line up exactly, the moon covers the entire sun and causes a total eclipse, while at other times it only covers part of the sun in a partial eclipse. There is not a solar eclipse every month because the moon’s orbit is tilted with respect to the sun and does not always align with the star. This solar eclipse will be visible to observers across a narrow swath of the South Pacific, Chile, Argentina and the southern Atlantic Ocean, while a partial eclipse will be visible from a wider region in the Pacific, southern South America and Antarctica. Eclipses in astrology are portals for exponential growth. They signify a time of rapid internal and external change. Solar eclipses really focus on the internal changes we want to make, as we look at our internal selves. The sun being associated with our goals and external self. Astrologically the sun is our core and our essence. During an eclipse, the light of the Sun (the life-force expressed as will) is blocked by the physicality of the Moon (the life force expressed as instinct) the shape of our life at a solar eclipse often reveals the consequences of past actions and reactions. It’s a time to become master’s of our own destinies and look at the agency we hold in the world. A paradox of a solar eclipse is that they can bring on high energy and radical experiences; however, they occur at the low energy time of the New Moon, a time of introspection, isolation, and illumination. This paradox can have the feeling of hitting the accelerator with your foot on the break. Eclipses take time to show us what changes they have in store for us. In astrology it is often practice to look at what house the eclipse takes place in for someone. This eclipse is occurring in Tropical astrology in the sign of Sagittarius. The house that is in for you, depends on your rising sign, time of birth, etc. I have Sagittarius in my 9th house, which could be about travel, philosophy, higher education. It also forms with different forms of writing and communication, travel, and intuition. For many people, solar eclipses are when we realize we need more than what we’re currently receiving. They’re a time to send cosmic invitations to the universe and to welcome abundance. They’re also about letting go with thankfulness and thoughtfulness of things that no longer serve us anymore, to make room for new things to enter us. I wrote a list poem today as I thought about things I wish to release in order to make room for more positive qualities. I feel many of these qualities no longer serve me. At one point they did, and I am thankful for that; however, in the name of growth, I hope to release them with gratitude. I am offering them in the form of a poem here. I hope to grow in my writing and the experiences that often shape my writing (intuition, travel, experience, self-acknowledgement, gratitude, and learning new things. I wrote this list poem called The Release. I’m putting it out there into the world and releasing these energies, with hope that I continue to grow as a person, a writer, and gain new positive, healthy life experiences learned through travel, communication with others, and other wonderful experiences ahead. Solar eclipses are astrological wildcards. They can mobilize the unexpected. We can still use our inner-authority to reflect on changes that we have made, our growth, and continue to ask the universe with intention for the things we want to release, in order to make new changes. My hope for all readers is that you give pause today to think about the changes that have occurred inside you, reflecting on the positives and negatives. Thank the universe for those gifts and use your own inner-authority to think about things or areas in your life that no longer serve you and let them be released, not with anger, but with gratitude for the lessons you’ve learned. Eclipses are exciting astrological events. In a month filled with exciting skies and lessons, today is one! I’m sure 2020 has brought all of us a lot to reflect upon.


The smell of guilt wreaking in the confessional.
The victimization that lives outside of myself.
The stale air I’ve been holding in.
The COVID flowered lovers I brought to my nose.
The maps that never gave me direction or purpose.
The lightbulbs I chose not to replace when they popped
The days I wasted in bed as the sun attempted to rouse me
The candles I chose to burn for myself, instead of lighting others
The illuminations of distorted ideas of self.
The horizons I turned my back toward instead of running to
The idea that there will never be a kiss like your kiss
The leases of my body parts that you were a renter to, but I let you own.
All the conversations, I did not have with the chatty night sky.
The water I threw on each fire out of fear
All the forward motion I wasted, spinning my tires in gravel driveways, burning rubber that could have gained traction
had I known, all forward motion begins with gratitude.
The things I burned trying to forget them, knowing I’d just miss them
The blood, sweat, and tears I tried to wash out of my bloodletting sweater.
The sweat of the toxic male identity from holding the All American Male Playbook
All the discomfort being vulnerable with my I love you’s
Time spent dissecting why I’m not lovable that could have been used loving and accepting love.
The idea that I am anything greater than a small bud of a flower, a fish in the ocean, a grain of sand.
Time spent feeling useless or unworthy
The meat locker where I keep all the dead bodies of lives I ‘should have’ lived.

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