Small Chapels

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Small Chapels

If the fog is so dense

driving shall be difficult, it will make easy writing you messages in windows.

If a bird has found it’s clothesline, be still and let it have it’s song.

Your red shirt will still be there a few minutes from now.

If cedars like the way you look at them, they will haunt you.

Be still. Ghosts don’t come back from the dead for nothing.

If there are strange yellow flowers on the front lawn when you come home,

don’t doubt this is your house. Except their invitation,

they have withstood a lot of weather to greet you in this way.

If in your dreams you run from things,

enjoy the motion and energy of your body in motion.

It takes something exciting to make you exert yourself in such excitation.

If you God begins to feel like a puppeteer,

why not allow him to pull some strings?

If you see earthworms and ants and snakes move about in the ground,

watch closely and be proud you live on a ground of freedom

it was hard fought and is not to be taken lightly.

If you look and saw but are still not able to see

perhaps you just have to change the tense you are using.

Small chapels

are still homes for big Gods.

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