Act II

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Act II

Perhaps all I ever wanted was to write love letters
painted in histories and futures
no expensive brushes just pure blush of emotion doing the coloring.

Perhaps I always wanted to have ways to feel sexy
even it is just by putting on certain color of socks
maybe sexy is just another way of saying cozy, perhaps…

It’s just romance to believe that there will come a day, a time, a place
when I am away from myself
I will miss myself so much
I will write myself love letters

perhaps it is what we most dislike about ourselves
that makes us pretty, handsome.

perhaps it is that I want to believe I’m lovable
so I give these traits more credit than they deserve

but it gives me ink
to think about what I might be able to do
If I could just find a way to hold myself

In the second act, the love letters are all self addressed stamp envelopes
we’ll see if I mail them

you’ll know

cause a story is told best in the body

and I can’t wait for the day when the laughter tumbles out of me
echoing into the canyons
writing itself all over the walls
of my deepest caves

carving canyons of light
that read better perhaps than any stupid love letter I could write.

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