Blanket Friends

It’s steamy outside. I decided it’d be a good day for a quick poem about relationships. I don’t want to say too much about this poem. This is a simple poem that describes a complex place in a relationship. When it’s a challenge to find a picture to go with a poem, it’s usually a gray area that is hard to capture in a picture. This is one of those poems.

Blanket Friends

You say change over and over.
It jingles
in pockets where I was
held close to your skin.

Your spine is an avenue.
Night a dye job
waiting for a rinse.
Only now the distinction.

Under lilac, supervision of succulence.
You touch the petals
of my flowering identity.
Blossoming. Oh me!

Waking, the memory
underneath sheets giggling,
a bed being unmade.
Comprehending, a feeling foreign, unexplained.

Those gypsy eyes,
pickpocketing my heart.
I’m broke, but sometimes it’s our vices
that make us survive.

You loved me with thin walls,
listened to my breathing,
attended to my needing,
with your ability to eavesdrop on my thoughts.

Now, dusk again.
You unbutton my jeans,
pull my friendship and feelings out,
allowing me to impregnate you
with a change we’ve both dreamed of.

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