Raise Hell!

Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com

I wrote this poem years ago. I think I wrote it as a pep rally or a pep talk to myself. Perhaps, you’ll find some permission slips in it. I love the idea of writing myself permission slips. I think we’d all be a lot kinder to ourselves if you took up the practice.

Hell Raiser

Raise hell!

Make it a moment of inscrutable beauty.

Cut some paper dolls and tear them a part.

Save part of them for yourself, as you always should,

forgive the rest of them for breaking a part.

Remind yourself holding hands is in our nature.

Sometimes we just get folded into situations where we rip apart

and when there is no blood.

remind yourself there often are not tears or blood when we hurt.

Hearts can bruise or bust without marks on skin.

Think about your survivals,

as you balance out your deaths.

Give them concerts and bleeding soft blue seas.

Leave open your drawers,

let the world snoop through them.

You might find someone who gets off on your secrets.

Sometimes brew yourself a pot of tea.

Acknowledge you are starving

and feed yourself!!!

Let go of your body when it becomes too heavy,

Too unnecessary…..

Put it in someone else’s care, love.

Write permission slips to pack and unpack,

to leave and come back. Leave doors

unlocked so you come and go as you please.

If someone steals from you, understand

they must have really needed it.

Abort the ideas of skeleton,

give yourself thick skin.

Give yourself something to pinch when you feel good,

Give people you love something to hold on to.

Raise hell!

Light a match and go 

up in smoke with all that you’ve burned.

Rise up!

As you find yourself above the smoke,

Inhale deep!!!!!!

Your breathe is hard earned.

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