Fitting Rooms

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I feel like I have so much to post, but I’ve been down a sinus infection. Hopefully, I’ll be back up and feeling better soon. In the meantime, here’s a poem.

Fitting Room

Remember the animal mouths we had before we found our own.

Remember the prairie rippling in the wind before she new she was a virgin.

Remember the dough that had to grow in order to know it had risen.

Remember for a long time, nothing changed.

How it felt like driving all day through Illinois.

Remember the small fire before it burned to it’s height

Remember the fingerprints all over the beads.

Remember how we felt heavy to each other like a wet pair of jeans

Remember how badly we wanted to free our bodies

Remember how we used to unroll the windows so we could feel the breeze

Remember breathing before it became a song.

Remember pressing right through our skin

Remember rising like smoke, those moments before we became prayers.

Remember the shadows and echos sliding down the canyon walls becoming silence

Remember the stinging

Remember  all the variations of yellow before we knew it was yellow.

Remember how we held the talk of leaves sweetened by the nectar of vulgar

Remember that although the wound can be sweet it can be distressing

Remember the electrical sparklers we were running with before they burned

Remember Reagan was president when I took my first step

Remember Clinton was president when I first got head.

Remember it was a scary time when you missed your period as Hurricane Katrina made landfall.

Remember there is always wind and rain and James Taylor for rainy days.

Remember when it falls fast it’s hard to tell what’s up and what’s down.

Remember before the equator there was no belt on the earth

Remember when hip huggers didn’t matter and there were no fitting rooms

When we tried on each other and never had to look in those thinning mirrors.

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