Prius guy and the hooker in fishnet stockings
Eating Taquitos trying to pretend people
Don't notice them. Ready to give 
Directions to the movie theater. Casual
As a pair of Chinos with a nice shirt. The look
That says No thought put in. They are
A few steps away from an overfilling 
Garbage can. Sharing one Big Gulp
Two straws, leaning into the summer weather
Excited as two boobs 
Squeezing into a push up bra.
Other lovers aren't this dangerous,
I think, as the door alarm sings
Ringing me into the neon nymph
That promises to be the destruction
Of night eaters everywhere. They are
Gum and candy put next to the register
Impossible not to be noticed and curious about.
Outside, my girlfriend waits.
For automatic comfort. Pottery Barn decor,
A sectional awaiting pajamas and personal space.
One bed with linens too perfect to be slept in. I bet
They have a twin bed, snuggle, smoke cigarettes,
Intertwined in deep conversations. There is nothing
About them that feels of forced conversations,
Buttoned pants. My girlfriend 
Taps her manicured nails on the steering wheel.
Inpatient, she is for my curiosity. I see
Her eyes wander when I wonder. I bet
They melt like Snickers left on the dashboard
In the sun, when they touch. Like heat and chocolate,
They are too oppositional not to produce

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