Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


I am going to continue to perfect spa water

And touch fossilized parts of myself

And choose to to drop you like a crumb,
Where I'm pretty sure you'll be five days from now
When I'm lonely and hungered.

I might go get Indian food, get high, and then just be quiet
enjoying my belly purr...

The sun will make me smile and a lovebird will fly by
And I will laugh genuinely giving you a tour of my interior decor.

Just as we are about to close on the house,
I will fall into the pool and make eye contact with you
That will make you feel like you've done something shameful.

All wet I will tell you I'm walking you to your car
And bring you to a garage birthday party with a piñata
Full of emotionally damaged pennies from the bottom of the mall fountain

I will offer you a Mountain Dew as thousands of kids wishes
come down on you

And tell you, you smell like a mix of high school and a theme park in puberty.

I will put on some music and plug in some red lights
And tell you I'm too reckless and stupid to be alone.

I will say everything in long pauses with big eyelashes

I usually use my hands to direct a conversation,
But with you I will use my bizarre...

And you will kiss me with lips that taste like Mountain Dew
And skin that smells of the molding flesh of  George Washington's copper face

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